Friday, January 2, 2009

A Small Confession

I have a small confession...We've been away in Jamaica for the past week, just getting home today! Yay Mon!
Remember the card I posted for my brother's wedding? Well, it was a destination wedding to Negril, Jamaica. We had a super family actually travels really well together and we always enjoy ourselves. Really, how could you not enjoy sun, sand, and surf!

My new SIL sent everyone these awesome luggage tags before we left. Aren't they adorable? We each got two tags and they were personalized too! I told her it was just like going on an SU cruise. My brother even participated in the project by hunting down the actual plastic tags. What a great reminder of their wedding, and totally useful too!

Regular programming...errr...I mean posting will resume in the next day or two. I'm in stamping withdrawal!!!  :)

Thanks for stopping by!


Janet said...

This are so cool! Glad you had a great time!! :)

Dana White said...

I am so happy you are coming back today - it's been a long week without my BFF

Leslie said...

Too cute! Welcome home!