Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Warm Winter Wishes

If you're a regular reader here then you know that I try to make one Christmas card a week, all year long. Try being the operative word in that sentence, but I think I did a pretty good job staying on track for the past 11 months. Here's a picture of all the cards I've made so far...there are 49 of them. Can I just say how FUN it was pulling them all out of the was like Christmas just looking at them all again...I'd forgotten about so many of them!

Unfortunately I'm still short a few so I did a little production line card construction last night and made 16 more cards. I loved this card that Melissa made and I totally based my design on her card, although I used shades of pink and purple instead of kraft and white.

I used my Winter Wonderland set from Taylored Expressions. The snowflakes are stamped onto Choice Snow White with different shades of Memento Ink: angel pink, lulu lavender, summer sky, sweet plum and lilac posies. I chose the papers to coordinate and ended up using frosted pink, baby pink medium and perfect plum.

I used the coordinating Winter Wonderland Snowflake dies to cut out a single snowflake and popped it with foam tape before adding a clear rhinestone to the center. I also used my small scallop border die on the baby pink strip and I used my circles impression plate on the background layer. I love how these cards turned out!!!

Shortly after I finished the cards hubby asked if I had any cards for his work people. Of course he couldn't have asked that two days ago, before I started thinking about making a bunch of cards. So I brought him these cards and here's how the conversation went:
me: I just finished making these and there are 16. You can have them.
hubby: silence, head down, staring at the cards
me: what? (knowing full well exactly what he's thinking!)
hubby: well, they're really nice, but they're pink! (said with a smirk...looking at me over top of his reading glasses, trying to keep a straight face).
me: yeah, and they're purple too...what's the problem? (also said with a smirk)

That's pretty much where the conversation ended because we both burst out laughing. The jury's still out on whether or not he'll use these cards or if I'll be making a bunch of 'more masculine' cards. LOL!!!

Here are the dies and impression plate I used:

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AGohl said...


Really pretty cards... This is the first year I tried to make my own. I basically made the ones for my family and used expensive ones I found super super cheap after Christmas last year at TJMaxx. I think that for next year I am going to try to do something similar to what you do and hopefully have most of them done on time next year!

I sent the last of mine out yesterday and it felt WONDERFUL to have them done and in the mail. :)

Leslie said...

Again...I'm in awe of all your cards! I have a few SPECIAL ones :) yet to make but other than those, mine are all addressed and with me today to be mailed - yay me! For the record....I really like those 16 cards - not traditional colours but sweet and lovely and pretty and soft and Christmasy :)

Leslie said...

I enlarged the photo with all the cards and there are SEVERAL that I would love to receive :)

Anonymous said...

Remember when I was making fun of you last January making Xmas cards well know that I am scrambling to get mine done, I see why you did it and I am sorry I teased you!!! LOL I should really bow to you!

Dana White said...

You're totally making masculine cards - but these are fabulous; just switch up to traditional holiday colours & he will be fine

Jackie Pedro said...

These cards are BEAUTIFUL, Karen!!!

Danni said...

Simply beautiful cards and I'm envious of you being so diligent and making the Christmas cards all through the year..I need to do that!

Jess Willison said...

They are great cards! My hubby would likely give me the same remark!

I made mine all through the year as well, and ended up with almost 30 extra!

Taylor said...

These are soooo pretty, Karen! I love the soft colors and the impression plate in the background! It all goes together so well.

And huge kudos to you for creating all those Christmas cards throughout the year!!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous cards! :)

Melissa Sauls said...

This is absolutely gorgeous Karen!!! I looooove the pinks and purples and i'm so jealous of all your cards done...I'm still deciding on what to do, LOL! Guess I'm running out of time!

Laura (scrapnextras) said...

These are all gorgeous! Love the pink and purple colours and the stitching finishes them perfectly!

Candace said...

Karen, I just wanted to tell you that you are inspiring me to do this next year - create a Christmas card a week!! That is my goal, and I just hope I can stick with it. I have been so busy and have not had much card-making time lately, and went to buy store-bought *GASP* cards the other day. I know.... *hanging head in shame!* Anyway, all of your cards are so beautiful, and I love how they're all different and unique. Hopefully next year, I can do a post like this showing off all of my cards!