Friday, November 28, 2008

Pretty Bookmarks

My friend Joanne asked me to help her out at a vendor fair for his son's school. I was so excited that she asked...I knew it would be fun. She was going to offer make & take cards for the shoppers and she told me I could bring something to sell if I wanted. I thought about what I could make, that I could whip up a bunch of in not a lot of time. So I landed on these giant paperclip bookmarks.

I have a HUGE stash of Primas that were screaming out to be used. I'm a collector, and I don't like to use things cause then they're gone and what if I can't get it again! But, I've decided to start using my stuff, cause there will always be more cool new things to add to my collection. Having said that, I'm a little ashamed to report that after making all these bookmarks with layers of Primas, my stash of flowers really doesn't look any smaller! sigh...LOL!

These are so simple to make. I adhered patterned paper to some chipboard and ran it through my big shot to cut out the scallops. I layered some flowers and attached them to one of the scallops with a brad. Then I used a hot glue gun to sandwich the paperclip between a plain scallop and a flowered scallop. Finish it off with a bit of ribbon and voila!

These were a lot of fun to make, and, unfortunately I have plenty left over for gifts to friends and family. The shoppers were just not interested in much at all, but we still had a great time and laughed a lot!

Thanks for stopping by!


Sonia said...

What sweet bookmarks Karen. Congrats on your new blog! Can't wait to see what you are creating.


Janet said...

WOW:) such great book marks!!

Anonymous said...

These are stunningly beautiful and what a lovely gift idea. You have inspired me to use some of my Primas too....but do I have to use them all? :) Leslie

Caroline said...

so stinking cute!!! :)

leanne said...

These are adorable! I think I will try to make some today for a few friends. What a cute idea...thanks for sharing:)